Monday, 17 July 2017

Art Gallery of New South Wales

     Sydney is a vibrant hub of arts and culture, and is home to a variety of world-class galleries and museums that make the perfect addition to Sydney city tours. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the most prominent institutions in the city, dating back to 1871. It exhibits work by a number of contemporary and historic Australian and international artists, and there are several collections dedicated to themes such as Indigenous art and Asian works.

The gallery itself is located near the eastern gate of the Royal Botanic Gardens and is within easy walking distance of the city centre.

The Collections of The Art Gallery of New South Wales

Today, the collection of works at the Gallery of New South Wales is predominantly broken up into geographic region and art movements.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art

This collection is home to a variety of works by Indigenous artists from communities right across Australia. It includes pieces that date back to the late 19th century, as well as desert paintings created by family groups, bark paintings, and new media expressions that have been put together by a range of contemporary artists.

Asian Art

The very first works to enter the gallery’s collection were a gift from the Japanese Government, and the Asian art collection has only grown since then.

Australian Art

Dating back to the early 1800s, this home-grown collection is home to a number of iconic paintings and sculptures from world-famous Australian artists. Expect to see works by the likes of John Glover, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, and David Davies.

Contemporary Art

In the contemporary art collection, you’ll find a selection of works from artists that span the globe. Today, the gallery is home to the most expansive collection of contemporary art from the 60s to the present date in the whole of Australia, with a heavy focus on conceptual art, nouveau realisme, and minimalism, as well as abstract painting, expressionism, and pop art. 

Pacific Art

Started back in 1962, the Pacific collection now holds over 500 works and is one of the most important private collections of art from the New Guinea Highlands in the world.


The Gallery of New South Wales boasts an extensive collection of photography works from a range of international and local artists.

Western Art

Finally, the Western Art collection is home to works of British Victorian art, as well as smaller offerings from the Netherlands, France, and Italy. 

Tour of the Week: Hunter Valley Winery Tour from Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is world-famous for its prominent contribution to the wine industry, and our Hunter ValleyWinery tours will give you the chance to explore everything it has to offer in a unique way.

You’ll get to experience the sweeping landscape of the valley, complete with patchwork fields and stunning views, while delving deep into the heart of Australia’s most popular winemaking region. Learn more about the unique winemaking processes of the valley as you go, and discover why this area has become such an important part of the wine industry.

Along the way, you’ll get to taste some of the region’s finest offerings and sample some delectable produce.

Hunter Valley Wineries

You’ll have the chance to visit three prominent Hunter Valley wineries throughout the day, each of which will offer something unique for you to try. While there, you’ll undertake delicious wine tasting sessions and discover the different ways each winery makes its flavours so unique.

The Hunter Distillery

We’ll also try something other than wine, too, at The Hunter Distillery. Here, you can sample quirkily flavoured vodka, including chocolate, coffee, lime, chilli, and Turkish Delight flavour to give your tastebuds a treat.

The Smelly Cheese Shop

After all that wine tasting and learning about the winemaking industry, you’re going to be feeling a bit peckish. So, when hunger strikes, we’ll whisk you off to the Smelly Cheese Shop, one of Hunter Valley’s best-loved attractions.

While there, you can try a selection of creamy bries, tasty fetas, and other homemade cheesy products - the perfect accompaniment to wine. You can pick up a souvenir or two here as well, to take a slice of the Hunter Valley home with you.

Hunter Chocolate Shop and Sabor Dessert Bar

To give your sweet tooth a tasty surprise, you’ll also get the chance to go to the Hunter Chocolate Shop or the Sabor Dessert Bar, where you can sample some of the sweet treats and pick up some delicious souvenirs to take back with you.

Lunch will take place at either the Matilda Bay Brewhouse or Harrigan’s Irish Pub, both of which serve up a selection of hearty Australian food.

So, are you ready to give your tastebuds the time of their life? Our Hunter Valley tours give you a bit of everything, from wine tasting and learning about the winemaking process, to homemade local produce and sweet treats to tide you over.